Our studies, aimed to realize plug & play products, allowed to create harnesses that help RFI staff during installations and maintenances.
During our experience, we realized several harnesses destined to switches, both for historic lines and for high speed.

Among our products there are:

  • P80/L90 switch harness
  • Electric Switch in sleeper Harness
  • Hydraulic switch in sleeper harness
  • Harness for P80, L90 with ACC Hitachi interface, IP69K protection class
  • Harness for electric switch in sleeper with ACC Hitachi interface, IP69K protection class
  • Hydraulic System Harnesses
  • SCMT Harness with IP69K protection class
  • And others

We developed several RCE connecting systems both for 24-48 and for 96-512 events:

  • Supply Harness
  • Output Entries Harness
  • Station clocks line Harness
  • Modem, time synchronization and alarm Harness

All the harnesses listed above are realized both with 21 and 40 pin connectors:

  • ACEI Harnesses
  • ACC Harnesses

HTC company realized and patented a modular frame for the switches power supply of any rail system (ACC, ACEI, technical rooms) adaptable to every situation, previously wired and with adapter plates.


During the years we evolved into more technological systems, such as rail crossing technical rooms.

The Impulse
of Innovation