Cable assemblies and Cabinet solutions for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

HTC provides end-to-end cabling solutions for Robotic applications and customized assemblies to plug and play the robotic arm, our cable systems meet the highest torsion performance.
Thanks to the long experience in this field and the long cooperation with very innovative customers, HTC is now a key supplier for harnesses and connectivity of AGV and AMR.

Cabinet and Cable Assembly solutions for Robotic technologies

HTC is the specialist in end-to-end cabling solutions for torsion connection on the Robotic arm, we provide also pre-assembled mechanical and pneumatic parts:

  • Cable Assemblies for the connection of Servomotors in the Robotic arm
  • Bus communication harnesses
  • Floor cables (connection between Electrical cabinet and Robot arm)
  • Optional harnesses for the different applications (welding, handling, etc)
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Mechanical parts, sensors, hoses


HTC is a provider of cable assemblies for Autonomous Vehicle (AGV/AMR)

In a new area a very expert team install all the mechanical parts, connect the different devices and provide a final functional test of the Vehicle in according with the customer requirement.
HTC install and connect:

  • Drive wheels
  • Navigation system
  • Sensors
  • Bus communication
  • Batteries


HUman centered MANufacturing System

HTC is partner in HuManS Project (2017 – 2019) focused on integration between robot world and humans. Project objective is the development of innovative solutions for the creation of new production system centered around the secure interaction between man and automation. Research areas of the project span from collaborative robots to mobile and wearable robots.
HTC brings its specific know how on industrial automation harnesses working with all different industrial, academic and research partners.
Humans is supported within the "Smart factory" technology platform of Piedmont Region, funded with POR FESR 2014 – 2020.

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